Table 2.

Minimum degree requirements (no. of semesters of required credits in each course type)

PhysicsGeneral BiologyGeneral ChemistryOrganic ChemistryBiochemistryAnatomyCore Physiology
Institution NameMathLectureLabLectureLabLectureLabLectureLabLectureLabLectureLabLectureLabDisciplinary Focused Upper Division, min. no. credits
Alma College11b1b111b1b0000112216
Boston University32222222211111120
Brigham Young University02011212011111119
Gonzaga University12211111100ee3a2a31
Marquette University22220222200101112
Michigan State University32222222120102115
Purdue University3224311221c0001110
Seattle Pacific University1003333332c0003d015
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale12211222211003111
University of Arizona22222202210e02a013
University of California-Los Angeles33231212111122120
University of California-San Diego33331312110001018
University of California-Santa Barbara3333333322c0001011
University of Colorado-Boulder22222220000112118
University of Connecticut2222222201c1cee2a224
University of Iowa12222220000111118
University of Oregon233b3033b0000223a316
University of Wyoming22211221100002118
  • Anatomy category is for stand-alone courses; combined anatomy and physiology courses are coded under Core Physiology. Core Physiology represents the General Systems physiology (or combined Anatomy and Physiology) course(s). Disciplinary Focused column represents the minimum of additional required courses in Advanced Physiology beyond the core systems course(s). Depending on selective options, there is a range of possible credits in this category. Note, a zero represents that the course is not required, yet many programs consider the courses to be recommended electives that most students take.

  • a Four programs listed under “Physiology” offer a combined Anatomy and Physiology course for this category.

  • b Selective: Physics or Chemistry.

  • c Selective: Physical Chemistry (Purdue, University of California–Santa Barbara), Genetics (University of Connecticut), numerous selective options (Seattle Pacific University).

  • d Selective with Neurobiology.

  • e Anatomy combined with Physiology and noted under Core Physiology.