Table 2.

Comparison of median ratings for each observation from all of the groups’ first and last simulation

First SimulationLast Simulation
ObservationMedian rating of groupsInterquartile rangeMedian rating of groupsInterquartile rangeP Value
1. IDENTIFY the problem and set priorities*2.01.0––4.00.030
2. DETERMINE relevant information and deepen understanding (a)*1.01.0––4.00.012
3. DETERMINE relevant information and deepen understanding (b)*2.01.0––4.00.011
4. ENUMERATE options and anticipate consequence*1.01.0––3.00.0003
5. ASSESS the situation and make a preliminary decision*0.50.0––4.00.0001
6. SCRUTINIZE the process and self-correct as needed*2.01.0––4.00.021
  • Values are median rating of all group video rating scores with the 25th and 75th interquartile range. n = 30 (15 groups × 2 video ratings per group per observation). The Mann-Whitney U-test was used to compare medians between the first and last simulation.

  • * Significant change from first to last simulation; exact P value is provided.