Table 2.

Manuscript preparation checklist

No.ItemDue DateCompleted
1Outline results section; verify all experiments are complete.
2Discuss data with coauthors and perform additional experiments if necessary.
3Write methods section.
4Write first draft abstract.
5Write introduction.
6Outline discussion.
7Review literature to cite in discussion.
8Write discussion.
9Finalize abstract.
10Revise manuscript.
11Send to coauthors for comments/suggestions and discussion on which journal to submit it to.
12Incorporate coauthor suggestions.
13Send to coauthors for final approval.
14Copyright transfer agreement; get coauthor signatures.
16List out reviewer comments and make a plan to address comments.
17Perform additional experiments if necessary.
18Revise manuscript and write letter of rebuttal.
19Send to coauthors for review.