Table 1.

Positive items

Item No.Positive ItemsMinimum ScoreMaximum ScoreMeanSD%Agree
1Lecture pertaining to physiology syllabus354.460.5897.01
2Better understanding of anatomy than a usual lecture254.100.6487.31
3Better understanding of physiology than a usual lecture254.190.6490.30
4Enhanced motivation to study physiology than a usual lecture254.410.6691.79
5More interesting than a usual lecture354.580.5199.25
6Tendency to recommend it to a colleague454.610.49100
7Probability of a future role in medical school education354.540.6194.03
  • Items were rated using a 5-point Likert scale (1 = totally disagree; 2 = disagree; 3 = uncertain; 4 = agree; 5 = totally agree). Values are minimum and maximum scores, mean and SD, and percentage of students who “agree” and “totally agree.”