Table 2.

Course evaluation at end of course

Survey QuestionWeighted Average
2015–2016 class2016–2017 class
This course was well organized.3.944.30
The primary textbook for this course was useful to me.4.174.09
The review resources at Mastering A&P were useful to me.3.642.75
The exams in this course correlated well with the material.3.944.35
The course challenged me intellectually.3.783.96
I have become more competent in physiology due to this course.4.004.50
This style of course improved my ability to learn and understand physiology.3.864.43
The team projects were useful to me for deeper learning.3.864.04
The following items helped me to more deeply understand the material:
    Dr. G’s PowerPoints and handouts4.144.30
    Powerlab experiments3.263.26
    Powerlab cases3.473.96
    PhysioEx experiments (Mastering A&P)3.00eliminated
    Readiness assessment quizzes3.834.26
    Points back on quizzes4.334.57
    Take-home tests4.564.65
    In-class tests4.254.43
    Partner tests4.424.65
    Working in teams4.444.52
Overall mean3.994.18

Note: The rating scale was: 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree.