Table 1.

Interview guide

Interview TopicHigh-level QuestionsPossible Follow-up Questions
Rapport-building questions1. How are you doing today?
2. How is school going?a. Tell me about how you study for class.
b. Tell me about how you study for a test.
3. What parts of the curriculum are your favorites?
4. What parts of school give you the most trouble?
Quiz-related questions1. Tell me about your experiences with the end-of-week (EOW) quizzes.a. What are some of the most helpful things about the EOW quizzes?
b. What are some of the least helpful things about the EOW quizzes?
c. How was the quality of the feedback from the EOW quizzes?
d. What do you think the purpose of the EOW quizzes is?
e. How have the quizzes made you feel about your progress in the class?
Response questions1. What kind of feedback have you received throughout your time at school?
2. What was the most useful type of feedback to you?a. Why was it useful?
3. How do you respond to this feedback if it is negative?
4. How does your grade on a quiz affect how you study?
Closure1. How do you feel about our discussion today?a. Has this helped you to reflect on your approach to learning?
2. Do you think you will continue to reflect on these topics going forward?