Table 1.

Undergraduate research topics

Dickinson State University
Determining the Potential Impact of Road Traffic and Dust on Environmental Health
The Role of c-Met in Acidic Extracellular pH-induced Cell Motility and Invasion
The Etiology of Exuberant Granulation Tissue in Equine
Mayville State University
Trophic Level Bioaccumulation of Cadmium in the Red River Valley of North Dakota
Epigenomic and Transcription Control in Bean
Examination of the Secondary Effects of Magnesium on ALDH2 Substrates, Inhibitors
Minot State University
Ghrelin Interaction with Genetic Risk Factors of Methamphetamine Addiction
The Role of Allosteric Disulfide Bonds in Cellular Infection and Metal Insertion
Metagenomics of North American Tick Species
Caffeine: A Model Drug for Studying Environmental Factors in Addiction
The Effect of Epigenetic Manipulation on Differentiation Therapy in AML
Novel Formamide Ligands, Their Antifungal Activity, and Methods of Their Synthesis
Non-Auxin Hormonal Control of Leaf Expansion in Arabidopsis
Environmental and Geographical Constraints on Plant Evolution
Valley City State University
Molecular Insights into the Mechanisms of Atmospheric Nucleation
Environmental Health: Coal Fly Ash Phytoremediation and Plants Bio-fortification