Table 2.

Student perceptions of confidence and experience following the LAP program

StatementMedian ResponseInterquartile Range
1. Increased my confidence in giving nutrition advice to athletes.4.54.0–5.0
2. Increased my confidence in discussing nutrition advice with patients.4.04.0–4.0
3. Increased my confidence in my skills for motivating patients to change their lifestyle.4.04.0–4.8
4. Increased my confidence in obtaining patient history.3.02.3–4.0
5. Increased my appreciation that lifestyle management recommendations are a valuable use of limited patient-doctor time.5.04.0–5.0
6. The LAP program was a valuable use of my time.4.04.0–4.8
7. The LAP program should be added to the medical school curriculum.4.03.0–4.8
  • Values are median responses with 25th and 75th interquartile range; n = 10 subjects.