Table 3.

Additional instructions for the final report

List the original systems your animal was assigned. Explain why they were or were not likely to work well together. Use the seven questions above (from laboratory discussions) as a guide to outline your explanations. Note: You will not get credit for explaining that systems work only because those systems are present together in a real animal. You must explain how/why the systems work together in your fictional animal.
If you needed to change one or more of your systems, describe this. What systems did your animal end up with? Why would this work better than the original animal? Describe for each change made. You cannot get credit for changing a system only to make it fit into a complete animal that you have already imagined, an environment, or a real animal that you modeled your animal after. You can only change a system because it is not compatible with another system.
Describe an environment it would thrive in (earthly or otherwise). Be specific (e.g., deep ocean, temperate forest, arctic tundra, Mars, etc.). Explain why the animal thrives in that environment. Include what elements of its climate are compatible with the animal or how the animal functions and how it is affected by and navigates/lives in this particular environment.