Table 2.

Course reforms were incrementally added over 4 yr

F04 (Pre-reform)F05F06F07F08 (Post-reform)
Lecture3 × 50 min/wk Embedded Image
Laboratory/recitation110 min/wk Embedded Image
Homework15–20 min Embedded Image2–6 h
(average time spent/wk)
Clickers1.5 Embedded Image4
(average no. of questions/lecture)
Homework help room3 h
Explicit learning goalsProvided (6 course goals; 50 topic goals)
  • In Fall 2004 (F04; pre-reform), the course was taught in a traditional lecture format. Homework assignments were introduced in Fall 2005 (F05), clicker questions in Fall 2006 (F06), and a homework help room and explicit learning goals in Fall 2008 (F08) (post-reform).