Table 2.

Steps to establishing an APS state chapter

1. Letter of intention sent to the APS; Executive Director will forward to CAC.
2. CAC provides contact information for all APS members registered in the state or region.
3. Contact APS members within the state/region to sign petition supporting the establishment of a chapter.
        a. 20 signatures required.
        b. Submit petition with signatures to CAC for approval.
4. Establish by-laws; forward to CAC for approval (CAC will present to APS Council).
        a. Sample by-laws at APS website.
        b. Pro bono legal counsel advised.
5. Elect officers and councilors; nonprofits require a minimum of 3.
        a. President, President-Elect, and Past President, typically 1-yr terms.
        b. Treasurer: extended term, 3 or more yr.
        c. Councilors: some chapters have 2–4 councilors in addition to officers; others do not.
6. Establish a nonprofit organization.
        a. File State Articles of Incorporation: Business Entity Report with Secretary of State.
        b. Obtain an EIN: IRS Form SS-4.
        c. Open a bank account (EIN required)
        d. File for Federal Tax Exempt Status: IRS Form 1023.
        e. File Application for Sales Tax Exemption: Forms specific to site.
        f. File as a charitable organization.
7. Establish chapter identity.
8. Plan first annual meeting.
        a. Contact APS to apply for Initiation and Strengthening Grant.
        b. Contact APS to request meeting support funds (awards and invited speaker).
9. Submit all annual reports.
        a. APS Annual Report: Meeting Summary and Data.
        b. State Business Entity Report.
        c. IRS Tax.
  • APS, American Physiological Society; CAC, Chapter Advisory Committee; EIN, employer identification number.