Table 1.

Student feedback on the ultrasound laboratory

Disagree or Strongly DisagreeNeutralAgree (%)Strongly Agree (%)
StatementNumber%Number%Number%Number%Mean Agreement Score (SD)
It improved understanding of cardiac physiology001563013654.6 (0.60)
It was a valuable teaching tool001542015754.7 (0.57)
It was helpful from a visual learning standpoint000073513654.65 (0.49)
It was an enjoyable active learning exercise001563013654.6 (0.60)
Scrolling back and forth through the ultrasound loop was helpful001573512604.55 (0.60)
Displaying a cardiac cycle diagram during future labs would be helpful for correlation002101517854.75 (0.64)
  • *Mean agreement scores (SD) were calculated by summing the values of all responses and dividing by number of students (n = 20). Response values were as follows: 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, and 5 = strongly agree.