Table 1.

Student responses to given statements in the questionnaire

Group work
    Group work made the activity easy662014
    Group work was useful in the collection of information701515
    Our group worked together503119
    I learned to use medical databases like PubMed81811
    I learned new things about scientific writing8587
    I gathered new knowledge on the given topic9037
Influence of prior knowledge and skills
    My poor English language knowledge affected my performance on the essay negatively322642
    My poor writing ability affected my performance on the essay negatively322741
    My poor computer capability affected my performance on the essay negatively242848
Availability of resources
    There were enough books in the library on my topic451936
    There were enough computers available to students291952
    There were enough computers with an internet connection available to students171667
    The internet connection speed was good262054
    Advice from the supervisor was adequate711910
    It was easy to contact and make an appointment with the supervisor582913
    I was satisfied with the supervision71209
    Supervision was helpful in the collection of information and writing the essay662212
    Time was the limiting factor621424
    I did the activity with interest because it carried marks642511
    I did the activity with interest because I liked it482923
    This activity was a waste of time134047
    The assigned topic was too difficult153550
  • A five-point Likert scale was used to score the given statements from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Those marked 4 and 5 (agree and strongly agree) were considered as agreement, whereas those marked 1 and 2 (disagree and strongly disagree) were considered as disagreement for the statement. Those who scored 3 were considered as neutral to the statement. Percentages of students who agreed, were neutral, and disagreed with each statement are shown.