Criteria for manuscript review

1. Scientific quality of the work
 ▪Are the methods appropriate and presented in sufficient detail to allow the results to be repeated?
 ▪Are the data adequate to support the conclusions?
2. Presentations
 ▪Writing: Is it clear, concise, and in good English?
 ▪Title: Is it specific and does it reflect the content of the manuscript?
 ▪Abstract: Is it brief and does it indicate the purpose of the work, what was done, what was found, and the significance?
 ▪Figures: Are they justified? Are they sharp, with lettering proportionate to the size of the figure? Are there legends to explain the figures?
 ▪Tables: Can they be simplified or condensed? Should any be omitted?
 ▪Trade names, abbreviations, symbols: Are these misused?
3. Research violations
 ▪Are there violations of the Guiding Principles in the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals?
 ▪If the research involved human subjects, were the studies performed in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki?
If you have concerns about the welfare of animal or human subjects used by the authors, include written comments to the editor.
4. Rating
 ▪Assign a rating on the reviewer form; rank the manuscript relative to other work in the same field.
5. Confidential comments
 ▪Provide comments regarding the novelty and significance of the manuscript.
 ▪Provide a recommendation about the manuscript’s suitability for publication in the journal; these comments will not be returned to the author(s).
6. Comments for authors
 ▪On the reviewer form, provide specific comments, preferably numbered, on the design, presentation of data, results, and discussion. DO NOT include recommendations for publication on the second page.
 ▪Please be certain that your comments to the author(s) are consistent with your rating recommendation.
7. Privileged document
 ▪This manuscript is a privileged communication; the data and findings are the exclusive property of the author(s) and should not be disclosed to others who might use this information in their research.
 ▪The manuscript, illustrations, and tables should be destroyed upon completing the review or, if anticipating a revision, kept confidential until the review process is complete.
 ▪If you have shared responsibility for the review of this manuscript with a colleague, please provide that person’s name and institutional affiliation.